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Watercolor Silhouette Waving Goodbye Art Project Kindergarten

Looking for some fun End of the year art project for your preschoolers and kindergarteners?? This super fun and easy Watercolor Silhouette Waving Goodbye Art Project is the way to go! This handprint watercolor art project for kids is simple to make and is a great keepsake to be sent home with the students.

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Watercolors are fun to play with. Kids can explore their creativity in many different ways. I created rainbow watercolor handprint silhouette as a part of end of the year craft saying ” Goodbye to Kindergarten”.

Handprint crafts are a wonderful way of keeping memories with our kids when they are young.  This watercolor art is a fun and creative way to use your preschoolers’ or Kindergarteners handprints in an artwork.

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Let’s begin on how to create this beautiful watercolor end of the year art project with kids. 

Materials Required to set up

  • Acrylic colors
  • Cardstock paper
  • Water
  • Squeezers/Dropplers
  • Foam art brush
  • Black cardstock paper

Step by Step Directions

  • Pour Acrylic colors in a color tray
  • Add water to dilute the paint (1:2 ratio)
  • On a cardstock paper start making strokes using foam brush
  • Cut out a handprint on a black construction paper
  • Once the cardstock dries up, stick the handprint
  • To complete Write ” Waving Goodbye to Kindergarten” on top

I am sure that kids will love this end of the year art project as it can make a great handprint project for Fall art project,  Summer art project, 4th of July  using  different color variations. 

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