DIGITAL RESOURCES The Rolling Pumpkin Process Art for Preschoolers

The Rolling Pumpkin Process Art for Preschoolers

The Rolling Pumpkin Process Art is one of our most loved pumpkin art. Our preschool pumpkin process art activity will excite young learners of all levels! All you need to complete this Preschool Rolling Pumpkin Process Art is paint, a canvas (paper, canvas, etc…), and a mini pumpkin or two. This activity is the perfect companion to the book “The Runaway Pumpkin.” 

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Grab your canvas (the bigger, the better) and mini pumpkin(s) to get this activity started. Your students will add small amounts of paint to their pumpkins and then get rollin’! Students roll pumpkins back and forth across their canvas until their canvas has reached the desired look. 

This process art is totally student-led! Students can choose their canvas, pumpkin, paint colors, and desired outcome! They can roll the pumpkins as far as they can go to create beautiful art! Students will absolutely love rolling the mini pumpkins to create a beautiful, colorful canvas! 

Check out the video here:

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