DIGITAL RESOURCES Paper Plate Twisting Process art for preschool

Paper Plate Twisting Process art for preschool

Paper plate twisting art is one of the most fun crafts I’ve done with my kids! This process art is just right for your toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners to get groovy and create a pumpkin masterpiece!

Paper plate twisting is another great process art for your young students! Our Paper Plate Twist Pumpkin Process Art gives students the chance to be creative and paint without all the mess! Supplies are items that you usually have in your home. All you need is paint, two paper plates, and a pair of scissors. 

Looking for some more engaging pumpkin hands-on arts and crafts activities for your preschoolers this fall? This Paper plate twisting process art craft provides students with fun fine motor opportunities. Your students are sure to love getting their hands messy and creating this fall pumpkin art! You would also love to check out these more amazing 15+ Pumpkin Crafts and 25+ Fall Leaves crafts for your kids. I’ve also got you covered with these super fun 25+ Halloween Crafts and Activities.

First, grab two paper plates and add a small amount of one, two, or even three colors (think pumpkin colors – orange, yellow, green) to the bottom of one of the plates. Then take the bottom of the other plate and press them together, pressing the paint onto both plates. Put your student’s hands (one on each side) on the center of the paper plates and move them in opposite directions “twisting” the plates back and forth against each other. This process will mix the paints and create a blended look for your pumpkin. 

Once your student has created the color and has covered the area, they are content with, let the plate dry before drawing or gluing on a stem. Once the stem has been added, cut around the center of the plate to make a round pumpkin shape. Use these pumpkins as part of a bulletin board, craft, or as a decoration around the house.  

Be creative and think of all the fall items you could have your students create using this method. Paper plate twist apples, pumpkins, and more! The sky is the limit!

Check out the video here:

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