Art & Craft,Holiday,Process Art,Seasonal,Valentines day,Winter Chalk Marbling Process Art hearts for Valentines day

Chalk Marbling Process Art hearts for Valentines day

Our preschool chalk marbling process art activity will excite young learners of all levels! A super fun child led process art for valentine’s day crafts! All you need to complete this easy Valentine’s Day art for preschool is paint, construction paper, and a marble or two. Your preschoolers and Kindergarteners would love to practice their fine motor skills and make this paper hearts for their loved ones. These chalk marble painted hearts can be used to make cards or just as stand alone decoration for valentines day.

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Chalk marbling hearts craft for Valentine’s Day 

Here is the CUTEST valentine process art activity for preschool, homeschool, and early elementary school students. Did you know you can create marble art with chalk? Students start this activity by cutting white hearts out of construction paper or card stock. We recommend using these two types of paper because they are a bit more durable when wet.

Supplied Needed:

So, grab the following items and prepare this amazing Valentines day paper plate heart craft with your preschoolers and kindergarteners in your life!sidewalk chalks cardstock papertub or a shoe boxwaterscalescissors

How to do Valentine chalk marbling:

Grab a tray and add some water to it. Grate some chalk into each of the water tubs. If you only have one tub, change out the water each time you want a new color. Then, dip your white hearts into the water. Don’t leave them in there for long, but when you pull out the hearts, they will have a super cool marble-looking design. This activity is something students of ALL ages will find fun and engaging!

This chalk marbling process art is totally student-led! Students can choose their heart size, marble amount, paint colors, and desired outcome! They can roll the marbles as far as they can go to create beautiful art! Students will absolutely love this activity!

Check out the video here:

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