Splat Process Art Project for kids

Splat painting is a fantastic and fun art process for kids! There’s something about smashing and seeing the paint fly around in various directions that leaves kids gripped with gleaming with excitement. This super easy and messy process art project will be loved by your preschoolers and kindergarteners. Infact I enjoy it as a grown up too! This splat process art makes a great outdoor messy fun play for kids! 

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Process art is all about the experimenting and exploring different materials to create freely and see what happens. Process art is extremely for kids important to develop creativity within early childhood. This Splat art is perfect for summer art project because you can do it outside since it is messy fun 🙂

This splat art is super fun and help kids explore science through art. Do add it to your list of process art ideas, as it’s sure to be a loved by your students. My students and I enjoyed such “messy play days” during preschool.

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Materials Required to set up

  • Acrylic colors
  • Cardstock paper/long paper roll
  • Droppler/Squeezer
  • Water
  • Cotton balls
  • Hammer/Glass cup

Step by Step Directions

  • Roll out the chart paper on the pavement
  • I used tin cans to hold down the edges of the paper. You can use anything heavy.
  • Pour out bright acrylic paint colors.
  • Dilute them with water using dropplers
  • Dip the cotton balls in the colors
  • Place the soaked cotton balls on the paper randomly
  • Start splatting them with hammer or a glass or anything else which is heavy
  • Let the fun begin!

I am sure that kids will love this splat process art as it can be performed indoors or outdoor and can make a great Fall art project,  Summer art project, 4th of July Fireworks art project with different color variations. 

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