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25+ Preschool Name Crafts and Name Activities

Are you looking for some super Preschool Name Crafts and Name Activities for your students to work on their own name this school year? They are the perfect activity to practice name recognition, letter recognition, fine motor skills, and spelling. Placing these in your preschool or kindergarten centers keeps kids engaged and excited as they learn to spell their names. Look at the complete list of name crafts and activities for your little ones below.

One of the best ways to celebrate and learn names in the classroom is by using fun name crafts. I have created a list of exciting name crafts that kids will love using all year long, whether in preschool, kindergarten, or beyond. Each printable is made with you and your students in mind. They are simple for the kids to complete and easy for you to prep. Keep reading and see the many creative ways you and your kids can work on letters and names. Below are some of my favorite name crafts.

Four Seasons Name Crafts

If you are looking for a name crafts bundle that offers MANY different crafts for kids to complete throughout the year, this is the perfect bundle. This Name Crafts Seasonal Bundle comes with 16 different crafts for kids to make throughout the year. Here’s a little peek into each season:


 In winter, let kids add their name to a snowman, a winter hat, a mug of hot cocoa, a penguin, and a mitten. It’s a great way to celebrate the holidays as well!


In spring, kids will have so much fun making an Easter egg, a raindrop, a flower, and a basket full of eggs! What a fun way to invite the warmer weather and practice letter recognition!


In summer, invite kids to make their own ice cream cone, a slice of watermelon, and bright sun! Just add your child’s name to each craft to customize them.


In the fall, kids will decorate an apple, an accord, a leaf, and of course, a pumpkin. These fun name activities are sure to keep kids engaged all Autumn long.

Using these crafts throughout the year makes awesome name art for the room. Get those little hands working and create your next school bulletin board!

Christmas Name Crafts

I don’t know about you, but Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I love inviting kids to join in a fun activity like a name craft. It’s a fun craft that any child can do it makes a great keepsake for parents and families.

This Christmas Name Craft Bundle comes with four different holiday crafts. Kids attach the letters of their names in different ways to make holiday decorations. Students will make a strand of lights, gingerbread men, gifts, and a Christmas tree. This is the perfect way to display their names around the room in a meaningful way for the holidays.

Valentine’s Day Name Craft

Try using this Valentine’s Day Name Craft to work on students’ names and to give them a fun craft to take home. The finished product is a necklace with student names on it. If they don’t want to wear the necklace, it makes a great wall hanging as well. 

What’s fantastic about this activity is that you can type your students’ names on a list, and the letters will auto-populate on the hearts for easy printing. Print in different colors for a show-stopping display or brightly colored necklaces.

Back to School Name Crafts

Whenever you head back to school, grab these simple name practice activities to invite kids to the classroom. They are a great way to start the school year and only require construction paper and simple materials. Whether you are a preschool teacher or a primary education teacher, you will love these hands-on activities in the classroom. This Back to School Name Craft Bundle comes with 3 different crafts.

 Whether you are a preschool teacher or a primary education teacher, you will love these hands-on activities in the classroom. This Back to School Name Craft Bundle comes with 3 different crafts. Students will create a paper pencil, backpack, and school bus with the letters of their names on them. These name recognition activities make a great hallway or door displays for the beginning of the school year.

St. Patricks Day Name Craft

Create a St. Patricks Day Name Craft and add children’s names to the pot of gold. It’s the perfect school activity for March and makes a cute craft. The kids can cut and paste already colored pots of gold and rainbows, or you can have them color the pieces before gluing them down. The best part is that students will see their names on the pot of gold and on the gold coins. You just need some scissors and glue sticks to complete the craft!

Add these name crafts to sensory bins, morning work centers, independent work times, or work on them as a whole group. Kids will love these fun activities. These name crafts are sure to make adorable bulletin boards and parents of younger children will love receiving them when you are done. Have fun learning with these hands-on learning experiences as you practice individual letters with cut and paste name crafts!

Easter Name Craft

Create a beautiful Easter Name Craft, Easter Bulletin board craft with this Easter Egg basket themed name craft decor template. Kids would love to create this bulletin board craft and would take pride in showing off this cute design to others.

Your bulletin board, hallway or door would look so lively with this cute spring decoration. This would be help kids practice their name as well.. 

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