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DIY Reindeer Footprint Craft for Preschool, Pre-k and Kindergarten

Yay!!! It’s Christmas time- the time for which we all wait eagerly all the year round to capture every detail of our littles and give creative gifts without going!  Today we are going to create a simple gift that you and your loved ones can cherish through the years. The reindeer footprint!

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Things you’ll need:

  • a Sharpie Marker
  • brown acrylic paint
  • a flat paintbrush for the feet
  • red, yellow, green acrylic paint
  • balloon
  • googly eyes
  • wet wipes

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The Foot Print

  • Gather your supplies
  • You’ll want your warm rags, wipes, paintbrush, and brown paint within reach.
  • Have the kids sit on a chair( Wiggly alert: Kids get very tickly while getting the paint on their foot)
  • Paint the bottom of kiddo’s foot using a flat paint brush and DON’T LET GO
  • Make the footprint (The key here is speed)
  • Wipe off your kiddo using a wet wipe
  • Let dry

Check out the Video Here:

Once the paint dries, grab a minimally blown up balloon to get to the cutest part- the nose of the reindeer! Dip the tip of the balloon in red paint and dab it to look like the nose of reindeer. Now, it’s time to decorate the canvas with Christmas colored dots, Red,Yellow, Green, orange! Pick the balloon and start dabbing it around the canvas to make it look Christmassy! 

Let that sheet dry and you have one of a kind inexpensive masterpiece to give to family and friends for the Holidays!This Reindeer footprint looks really pretty in a $4 Walmart frame

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