Fine & Gross motor,Holiday,Patricks Day,Seasonal,Sensory Activities,Spring St. Patrick’s day fun water play- Shamrock fishing

St. Patrick’s day fun water play- Shamrock fishing

Shamrock fishing is a super fun water play for St. Patrick’s day. It  would be a great activity for homeschooling, but if you are teaching in a building, don’t fret! We can make it work there too!  This St. Patrick’s day water play activity will keep students engaged, entertained, and modified to make it more or less challenging! 

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March is the perfect time to celebrate spring, sunshine, and St. Patrick’s day! If you are a preschool, kindergarten, or primary school teacher, I know you are looking for some easy craft ideas for kids. Look no further! We have compiled a list of many craft activities for St. Patrick’s Day that kids will love. The best part of these craft activities? Check these 30+ St. Patrick’s day Art and Crafts projects for your little ones.

Most of them are super easy crafts and have low prep for teachers! So even if you aren’t Irish, this shamrock-centered holiday is the perfect time to start a discussion about what makes us feel lucky!

St. Patrick’s day fun water play Shamrock fishing

This would be a great game/ activity for St. Patrick’s day. Kids will absolutely love to fish for Shamrocks. This St. Patrick’s Day water play can be a great minute to win it game for march. This water play activity will keep students engaged, entertained, and modified to make it more or less challenging!

You need:

● Pipe cleaners● An aluminum tray or baking pan● Water● Other St. Patrick’s themed trinkets (gold coins, lucky charms, green glitter etc)

To make:

● Fill your aluminum tray or baking pan with about an inch of water. ● Take pipe cleaners and create shamrocks out of them (as many as you want students to go fishing for!)● Let them float in the water, and add your other trinkets to the water if you want.● Have students make a fishing pole out of a pipe cleaner, or bring in a toy fishing pole if you have one.● Students will take turns fishing shamrocks or gold out of the lucky pond and placing them to the side.I love this classroom game because not only does it incorporate water play for sensory needs in preschoolers, but it can also be made into an activity that students do on their own, or it can be made into a competitive game, where the teacher goes for one color and students go for another. There are so many ways to incorporate this activity into your classroom St. Patrick activities.

Check this video for more detailed instructions:

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