Splatter FALL Leaf Process Art For kids

Leaves craft, Pumpkin crafts and Fall Tree crafts are the flavor of the season. If you are a teacher or parent of a toddler, preschooler or kindergartner looking for easy and fun art and craft ideas you have landed on the right page! This Splatter FALL Leaf Process Art For kids, preschoolers and Kindergartners is just the perfect process art project for fall.  
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Wee-oo wee-oo smock alert! Splatter leaf art will get messy so make sure you ask parents to send kids in clothes they don’t mind getting messy or using some trash bags as smocks!
This splatter fall art process art project provides a great opportunity to teach kids about process art, which is where the focus isn’t necessarily on the end piece of work but more on the process it takes to get there.
Splatter paint is also just really, really fun for kids. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but kids LOVE a mess, and splatter paint allows a controlled environment that allows them to see that sometimes a mess can turn into something beautiful. 


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Supplies Required:

  • Paper (or flat canvas)
    Scotch tape

Splatter Leaf Process Art-How to:

Secure your leaf to the middle of your paper or canvas with scotch tape. Place different fall colors in your palette, dip your paintbrush in one at a time. Hold the paintbrush over the leaf and begin to tap your paintbrush with your index finger. This will leave a splatter pattern across the paper and leaf. Repeat this step with each color you have available. Make sure you splatter to your hearts’ content all across the paper or canvas! Remove your leaf and enjoy one of our favorite creative fall crafts!

Check out the detailed video of Fall Leaf Yarn Painting:

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