DIGITAL RESOURCES Sidewalk Chalk Tape resist art and Mosaic art for kids

Sidewalk Chalk Tape resist art and Mosaic art for kids

Here is an Easy Sidewalk Chalk Art project that anyone can do. This Mosaic Sidewalk Chalk Art is a great way for the kids and grown ups to play outside in summer. This sidewalk tape resist art can keep your kids busy for hours! Looking for more Sidewalk chalk ideas here are 10 Sidewalk chalk art and learning ideas for summer.

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Sidewalk chalk art makes one of the great Summer outdoor crafts and activities for kids to keep them occupied for hours during their summer break.

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Let’s begin on how to create this beautiful Sidewalk chalk mosaic art for summer art project with kids. 

Materials Required to set up

  • Masking tape or painters tape
  • Sidewalk chalks

This first thing I did was tape the sidewalk with masking tape.  You can use painters tape too, but masking tape is cheaper.  You can just do shapes or you can add words into the design.  For this mosaic art, I made a simple square with random pattern.

Step by Step Directions

  • Tape the masking or painters tape to the sidewalk to make random design
  • You can create letters, numbers, shapes too
  • Give kids sidewalk chalk box with different colored chalks
  • Let the color each section with different colors to create a beautiful mosaic art.
  • Enjoy the summer fun for hours!

I am sure that kids will love this sidewalk chalk art as it can make a great hands-on summer art project. Also do check out my  Fall art project,  Summer art project, 4th of July  , Spring Art projects for preschoolers and kindergartens which are super simple and easy.

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