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Fizzy Pumpkin Name Recognition Science Activity

Teach all about the different properties of science with our fun Fizzy Pumpkin Name recognition Science activity! This Vinegar and Baking soda science experiment activity promotes letter and name recognition, fall themes, fine motor, and more! My kids are in love with vinegar and Baking Soda science experiments all round the year! You will need baking soda, letter tiles or magnets, water, orange food dye, a green pipe cleaner, and vinegar. 

Looking for some more engaging pumpkin hands-on arts and crafts activities for your preschoolers this fall? This Name recognition fizzy pumpkin activity  provides students with an opportunity to explore the magic of science along with their name recognition! Your students are sure to love seeing this magic pumpkin name activity. You would also love to check out these more amazing 15+ Pumpkin Crafts and 25+ Fall Leaves crafts for your kids. I’ve also got you covered with these super fun 25+ Halloween Crafts and Activities

Start by adding some baking soda to a bowl and mix it with a little bit of water and orange food dye. Once there is a dough-like consistency, roll it into balls (pumpkin shapes). Set out the letters of your student’s name or the letters you are studying and cover each with an orange baking soda ball. Add a small piece of green pipe cleaner to each pumpkin as a stem. 

When ready, pour baking soda over the pumpkins and watch the fizzy science begin! Once the pumpkins “disappear” the letters underneath will be revealed! Your students are sure to find this activity super fun and exciting!

Check out the video here:

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