DIGITAL RESOURCES Fall Apple Art And Craft Project Ideas for preschoolers

Fall Apple Art And Craft Project Ideas for preschoolers

Looking for some fun apple crafts, activities and science experiments Back to school? Check out these easy, fun apple fall Arts and Crafts for Kids which goes perfectly for fall and Back to School theme. Many of these apple craft activities use a free apple template from my store. You can find that template HERE

Incorporate these super easy and hands on Fall apple art and crafts activities for September and October to promote sensory, fine motor, problem-solving, math, and literacy skills all while having fun in an engaging way!  Check out my TPT store to grab your Free apple template! Do check out these 50+ Best Ideas for Fall crafts and activities. If you love these back to school apple craft activities, I bet you can’t miss my 25+ Fall Leaf Art and Craft ideas and 10+ Turkey Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving.

When we talk about fall how can we miss Easy Printable Halloween games and 15+ Pumpkin Art and Craft Ideas. Also Take a look at the fun and easy Halloween science experiments, and Halloween Games  to get your classroom into the Halloween spirit this fall. Also do not miss to have a look at my most popular Handprint Crafts templates for the whole year round! Want to learn about some of the best ideas for fun Halloween art and craft activities in the classroom?  Do Like and Follow my Facebook Page for updates on such art and craft activities!Continue reading to learn about a wide variety of engaging apple arts and crafts activities for the toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners which are super easy and low prep!

Apple in a bag Painting

This easy fall art for kids promotes color-mixing strategies, fine motor skills, design, crafting, art strategies, and more! All you need is a Ziplock bag, paint (we prefer apple colors: green, red, and yellow), and an apple template – grab one HERE.

Magic Name Apples

Check out this fun and easy-to-make “magic” name apple science experiment using oil. These magic name apples provide letter, number, or name recognition practice to your preschool and kindergarten students. All you need is white copy paper, markers, a clothespin, a pom-pom, and some oil to get started!

3D Paper Mache Apples

Fun apple craft that gets your students involved with fine motor, creative design, and more! This activity will teach your students about 3D shapes while involving them in the art and designing process. To complete this activity you will need paper, paint, pipe cleaners, white glue, and water.

Fizzy Apple Art

Here is another fun and easy-to-create apple art plus science experiment! Fizzy apple art gives students the chance to be creative and show off their science skills! This fizzy art gives the illusion of a 3D apple on a flat canvas.


Apple Handprint Name Puzzle

This craft is the perfect name-recognition and problem-solving activity for preschool and kindergarten students. Grab some popsicle/craft sticks, tape, paint, markers, and a picture of your student to get started today! 

Magic Apple Names

Check out this adorable magic apple name activity! Grab two paper towels, markers, and a dropper to get started today! This activity works well with preschool and kindergarten students to practice letter and name recognition in an easy and fun way! So, grab your children and get started today! 

Fall Toilet Roll Stamping Art

Looking for an easy and fun fall tree art activity? We have created a preschool fall toilet roll stamping artactivity that your little ones will LOVE! All you need is paper or a canvas, paint (in fall colors), an empty toilet paper tube or two, and a marker. 

Fall Confetti Tree Craft

Fun fall craft ideas for kids. This craft features beautiful fall tree art that is fun and easy to make. Your kids will love making leaf confetti by punching holes in a variety of fun fall-colored paper or take it to the next level and hole punch leaves themselves! Then grab my blank tree template or design your own blank tree on the canvas of your choice. 

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