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Easy and Fun Winter Crafts for Preschoolers

We need something easy and fun to occupy the kids when it becomes cold outside and we spend more time indoors. These Easy and Fun Winter Crafts for Preschoolers is an assortment of kid-friendly winter projects which are just prefect for name recognition and fine motor skills! Winter name crafts can be found for kids of all ages, but toddlers and preschoolers will particularly enjoy them. Given that winter will continue long after the holidays are past, these winter projects are a welcome break from the Christmas crafts that characterize December. 

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I have some fun themes for the months of January and February which includes

This Easy and Fun Winter Crafts for preschoolers features amazing winter fine motor activities that are easy to use! Use these craft activities during December, January, and February in your classroom. Your students are sure to love building their names, coloring, and more! If you love these do check out my Four Season Name Crafts Bundle for preschoolers. 

Snowman Name Craft

Looking for the perfect winter activity to do with your students this December or January? Check out this adorable and SUPER easy Snowman Name Craft activity. This is an amazing winter fine motor activity and is super easy to use. Kids will love to make build their name with this cute snowman craft. 

To start, open the PDF and type in your students’ names. This will create the name pieces for you easily. Next, print the snowman template and name letters, then grab your scissors, glue stick, construction paper, and colors. Give your students time to color the templates and cut them out. Once cut, students can start assembling his/her snowman. Start with the head and work. Your way down through the name letters.

Once students have completed the activity, they will see an adorable name snowman craft that can be shared with the school on a bulletin board or sent home as a keepsake for families. I hope you enjoy this craft as much as our family does!

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Winter Hat Name Craft

Need an adorable hallway decoration or bulletin board theme for the winter months? We’ve got you covered! This is our Winter Hat Name Craft, and it provides students with fine motor cutting, pasting, and coloring practice while also covering art and sensory themes. Try this craft with your preschool or kindergarten students this winter! They are sure to enjoy it!

Materials needed are colored paper or coloring utensils (crayons/colored pencils/markers), glue, scissors, and construction paper. To begin, print the hat template onto colored paper or use white paper and let your students color the template. Next, students will practice their fine motor skills when cutting out the template and name letter tiles. The final step is to assemble the winter hat craft onto a piece of construction paper. Don’t forget to past the student’s name onto the bottom of the hat! Now your bulletin board, hallways, or classroom décor is sure to shine this winter!

Hot Chocolate Name Craft

This amazing winter fine motor activity is fun and super easy to use. This name craft is the perfect addition to your classroom décor, bulletin board, or literacy center during the months of December, January, or February.

Get started on this activity today by printing the templates, grab some colors, scissors, and a glue stick. Start by printing the templates and letting students color and cut them out. Once complete, students will form their mug and finally add their name “marshmallows” to the top of the hot cocoa mug. This activity gives students a creative outlet as well as keeps students working on fine motor and name skills.

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Winter Mitten Craft

Your next class décor or bulletin board for December, January, or February is right here! This bulletin board décor promotes fine motor, letter and name recognition, as well as creativity. Kids can color the mitten template provided, or they can be printed on colored construction paper for a quick and easy craft! Students will then cut out their mitten templates and design them. 

Once designed, students will add their name tiles on the bottom of their mittens. For this craft, you will need printed mitten templates, crayons/colored pencils/markers, and scissors. Finish this winter craft off by pasting it to a piece of construction paper and labeling the top with “Mitten Craft” or just “Mitten.”

Penguin Winter Craft

 Our penguin name craft is the perfect fine motor activity for your preschool and kindergarten students this winter! This name craft is super fun to use as a bulletin board, name necklace, or hallway décor anytime during the months of December/January/February. Kids will love to make build their name with this cute Penguin craft. Your students can color the Penguin pieces, or they can be printed on colored construction paper for quick and easy creation.

You will need the penguin pieces and name tiles printed, scissors, glue, crayons/colored pencils/markers, and your imagination. To start, take the printed templates and color them to match a penguin (if you haven’t printed them on colored paper) and cut them out. Then assemble the penguin on a piece of construction paper by gluing the pieces together. The final step is to assemble the student’s name arching over the top of the penguin or below the penguin’s feet. Your students are sure to enjoy this craftivity this winter!  

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