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DIY Christmas Gift for parents Ceramic plate Ornament

This DIY Christmas Gift for parents Ceramic plate Ornament fingerprint wreath and picture makes the cutest Christmas gift for parents of your little ones!  They would love and cherish this Christmas ornament for years to come! This Dollar tree DIY Christmas ornament is simple and looks the cutest! Do check out these cutes DIY 10+ Christmas Ornament crafts

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The time has come to exchange holiday gifts! This photo fingerprint wreath on a ceramic plate the ideal presents for students to produce for their parents? Gifts handcrafted by hand, of course! Gifts produced with affection and in consideration of a loved one warm the hearts of both the giver and the recipient. Your assistance will enable your pupils to create great presents that will be treasured family holiday decorations for many years to come. Do check out these exciting 10+ Christmas freebies from my store!

Supplies Needed:

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How to make this DIY Christmas Ornament Gift:

  1. Get a ceramic plate, you can get it at dollar tree store( preferably white)
  2. With the help of any circular bowl or object, draw a circle using sharpie marker.
  3. Draw tiny leaves all over the circular border
  4. Squeeze red, green paints in a plate
  5. Dip finger in the green paint and start to dab it around the circular border
  6. Post green paints, use red paint to randomly make dots all over the wreath
  7. Once done with the wreath, let it dry overnight
  8. Cut a kids round picture to be stuck in the center of the wreath
  9. Using white school glue, paste the picture of the student
  10. Write the students name, grade and year around the photo.
  11. Lastly, Use Mod podge coating to seal the paints. It stays for years!
  12. Tada!! You’ve created one of the most beautiful Christmas gift for the parents.

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