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30+ New Year’s Crafts and Activities for Kids

Looking for fun crafts or activities to do with toddlers and preschoolers on New Year’s Eve? Check out this list of fun and colorful ways to celebrate the New. Here are some ideas for New Year’s craft activities for preschoolers. Do check out these 25+ Winter craft activities for preschoolers.

  1. Create a New Year’s resolution list: Have your child think about what they want to accomplish in the new year, and write down their goals. Encourage them to share their resolutions with you and discuss how they can work towards achieving them. Check out this cool New Year’s Selfie Resolution Craft for kids.
  2. New Year Sensory Bin: These New Year’s sensory bins are a great way for your toddler or preschooler to celebrate the new year. Here are two great ideas with two very different ways to fill them out. Check it out Happy Toddler Playtime
  3. Make a New Year’s Eve countdown goodie bag: Fill a bag with small treats and activities for your child to enjoy as they count down to the new year. You could include things like confetti, noisemakers, stickers, and other small toys. Check it out here Hoosier Home made
  4. Fire works in a Jar – This is a simple science experiment for the New year celebration with your students. Check it out here Growing a Jeweled Rose
  5. New Year Paper mask craft: This is a super fun way to get kids excited for the New years eve celebration! Check it out here The Joy of Sharing
  6. Make a New Years paper plate countdown craft: Check out this fun way to make a New year countdown here Natural Beach Living
  7. Have a movie marathon: Spend the evening watching some of your child’s favorite movies or TV shows to celebrate the new year. You could also make popcorn and other treats to enjoy while you watch.
  8. Do a New Year’s Eve wand: Get creative and do a New Year’s Eve-themed wand together. Check it out here Projects with kids.
  9. Fireworks craft painting : A fun art project for celebrating New year with your kids. Check it out here Messy Little Monster
  10. New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock : check it out here The Suburban Mom
  11. New Years eve slime : Check it out here Natural beach living
  12. New Year Free Printable Hat : Zippi Kids
  13. Make New Years Bell craft: Super cute, fun and easy. Check it out here The Gingerbread house
  14. New Year Eves Ball DIY project for kids– Check it out here Ms Alisha Carlson 
  15. New Year’s crowns: Have the children decorate crowns with glitter, stickers, and other materials to wear during the New Year’s celebration. Check out these cool New year Printable Hats Freebie
  16. Noise-maker craft: Have the kids make their own noise-makers using materials such as paper plates t beans, and glitter. They can decorate the plates with stickers and then shake them to make noise during the countdown. Check it out here Teaching Mama
  17. New Year Handprint craft printable : These are super fun and easy to set up craft idea – Zippi Kids
  18. Fireworks salt painting craft for New Year : Check it out here Darcy and Brain
  19. Make New year’s wreath : Check it out here Made with Happy
  20. New Year eves toddler bubble wand : Check this cute DIY craft here Red Ted Art
  21. Firework Ring Craft  for New Years : Check it out here Fantastic fun and learning
  22. New Years pipe cleaner headband : This is a super cool DIY project for New Year eve. Check it out here Pink Stripey Socks
  23. New Year resolutions Selfie Portrait Printable craft – Have the children brainstorm and create a list of resolutions for the new year. They can draw pictures or write words to represent their resolutions. Help the kids think about their goals for the new year and have them create a resolution chart to track their progress. Check the printable here  Zippi Kids
  24. Make a Memory String Craft with kids : Check it out her iheartCraftythings
  25. New Year’s cards: Have the children create cards to give to friends and family to wish them a happy new year. They can use stickers, markers, and other materials to decorate the cards. Check out these cool New Year’s Handprint Craft template.
  26. New Year’s DIY hats: Have the children create their own hats to wear during the New Year’s celebration. They can use construction paper, glitter, and other materials to decorate the hats. Meaningful Mama
  27. New Year’s Fireworks cupcake liner craft :Using pipe cleaners or  straws  print some nice and colorful fireworks on paper for the New Year’s. Check it out here Zippi Kids Corner
  28. Make Celebration playdough for New Year Eve: Check it out here mama papa bubba
  29. Make New Year Rainbow Pinatas : Check it out her Made with Happy
  30. New Year’s calendars: Have the children create their own calendars for the new year. They can draw pictures or write words to represent the different months and days.
  31. New Year confetti popper :You can easily create your own by by checking here Danya Banya.
  32. Paper Plate New Yeas Eve Banner Craft : Check it out here iheartCraftythings
  33. DIY New Year’s glasses craft: Check it out here Artsy Momma
  34. Party games: Have a variety of games set up for the kids to play, such as Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, or Duck Duck Goose. You could also have a dance party with age-appropriate music. Rainy Day Mum

Remember to keep the activities age-appropriate and to supervise the children closely to ensure their safety. Happy New Year!

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