10 Fun February Preschool Themes and Free Printable

February is a short month, but there are still lots of ways to learn. Most of these themes are about Kindness, people who help their communities, and people we love. Use these February preschool themes to help kids learn and get along with each other. Teaching through themes in preschool helps:

  • Encourage hands-on, experiential learning.
  • Foster children’s interest and motivation to learn.
  • Connect learning to real-life experiences.
  • Develop multiple skills and understandings simultaneously.
  • Provide a more engaging and fun learning experience.

The following are some suggestions for February preschool themes:

Valentine Day:

Using Valentine theme as an opportunity to discuss with young children the value of treating others with love and kindness. In addition to discussing ways that kids can be good friends to their peers, you could read books about friendship, make crafts that celebrate love and friendship, and do some craft-making. Do check out my Valentines Day resources here:

Groundhog Day:

An exciting way to start the month of February is to celebrate Groundhog day! Students will enjoy while predicting the arrival of spring season! Check out this amazing Groundhog Name hat form my store.

Kindness week:

The date of “Kindness Week” in preschools can vary and is typically set by each individual preschool or school district. It is not a nationally recognized event. Generally, kindness week is celebrated beginning Valentines day!  Do check out my Kindness week resources here:

Dental Care:

Since February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, it might be a good idea to discuss the value of dental hygiene with young children. A dentist or dental hygienist could visit the classroom to speak with the kids about good oral hygiene, or you could read books about dental health, do crafts that involve teeth, and do all of the above. Do check out my Dental week resources here:

100 Days of school

The 100th day of school is always such a fun and exciting day for your young learners! Students are SO EXCITED to have conquered the first 100 days of school. Do check out my 100th day of school resources here:

Presidents and Presidents’ Day:

In the US, Presidents’ Day is also observed in February. You might take advantage of this to explain to young children the significance of Presidents’ Day and the role of the president. You could discuss the characteristics of effective leaders while reading biographies of presidents, making crafts inspired by the White House and the flag, and doing craft projects. Do check out my Presidents day resources here:


You could take advantage of the chance to learn about winter if you’re still having cold weather in February. You might engage in winter-themed craft activities, read books about snow, ice, and animals of the cold season, or take a nature walk to search for winter’s first signs. Do check out my winter resources here:

Black History Month:

Since February also marks this month’s Black History, it might be a good idea to educate young children about the contributions that African Americans have made to history and culture at this time. In addition to discussing the value of diversity and inclusion, you could read books about notable African Americans and make crafts inspired by their history and culture.

Chinese New Year:

This is a festive holiday that is celebrated by people of Chinese heritage all around the world. Here are some ideas for incorporating a Chinese New Year theme into your preschool activities: Talk about the history and traditions of Chinese New Year, such as the legend of the Nian monster, the customs of giving red envelopes, and the tradition of setting off fireworks. Make decorations to celebrate the holiday, such as paper lanterns, dragon puppets, or red and gold streamers. Do check out my Chinese New Year resources here:

Community  Helpers:

Preschoolers would benefit greatly from learning more about the community and the volunteers who contribute to it. Add these additional community helper activities for your preschoolers to explore in addition to the post office and dental health activities mentioned above. Do check out my Community Helper  resources here:

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